Pattern Corrections and Clarifications - Errata

On page 11 of the Anita Vacation Tote Bag, editions printed before 11/13/12 read "Measure 3 ½” from each side of the pocket,when stitching the first divided pocket.  The pattern should read "Measure 3 1/2" from the each side of the lining," instead of the pocket edges.  These measurements for the divided pockets are suggestions, but the pocket can be divided in any way you choose.

Also, to clarify, the "pleat" I describe is actually more of a flap, which is attached at the top, between the accent band and the main body of the exterior.  The bottom of the flap, where it is folded, remains unattached.  It's just a textural detail and could be left out if you prefer.  I like using the pleat if I have a really great coordinate with the other prints, that I'd like to show off. Pin It