August 23, 2015

Out to Pasture and the Patchwork Pumpkin Blocks

Hello, Friends,
and welcome back to the Farm Girl Vintage sew along!

The two blocks I'm showing today were quite a pair!
The first one had just a few pieces and went together
lickety-split, using a partial seam technique.
For my version of Out to Pasture,
I fussy-cut some cherries and berries.
The fabrics in this block are almost all from Lori Holt's Bake Sale line,
but the red floral at the bottom is American Jane' Fresh Air.

So that block was very quick and easy.

the Patchwork Pumpkin block called for 30 different scraps
of ORANGE fabrics.
Hmmm...I don't have orangeaphobia any more, 
but I don't have that many orange prints!
I just used 3 or 4 of each of my orange fabrics.

I highly recommend taking a photo of the layout,
once you've devoted all that time to making it look random.

I only mention that advice because...
mine fell off of the table, and I had to start all over again!

There was a lot of giggling when it happened...
and no bad words flew out of my mouth either.
It was just tooooooooo funny!

{Even my cute mini design board couldn't hang onto all those squares!}

Oh, least it's really kind of fun to arrange all of the squares.
Here's my pumpkin, all made up.

I wonder what I can make with this sweet pumpkin.
I think I might make another one, in the 12 1/2" size,
and create a gorgeous pillow for fall.

Stop by again, for more sew along fun!
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August 18, 2015

Mama Hen and Milking Day Blocks

I hope you are enjoying the Farm Girl Vintage
sew along as much as I am!
Sweet blocks and quilts are all over Instagram
and the blogging world.

I made a great big giant Baby Chick block
that I'm not really liking (in the 12 1/2" size).
It's so big that I can't really get a great photo of it.
The little heart in the corner is sweet, though.

I'm happy to say that the Mama Hen block really pleased me,
when I made it up as a 6 1/2" square.

I LOVE the colors and prints together.
I decided not to embroider the eye,
because she just looks finished to me.

She looks so smart and sophisticated in her glamour shot.

The next block in the book was just as much fun to make...
Milking Day!

I loved choosing some favorite fabrics from my stash.

The milk can is a fun symbol of vintage farm life.

Please come back soon for more Farm Girl Vintage fun!
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August 16, 2015

Haystack, Kettle's On, and Kitchen Window Blocks

Here we go, with some more finished blocks
from the Farm Girl Vintage sew along!

The first one I'm showing today was fun and easy to make:

{I think it's constructed just like the traditional block called Courthouse Steps.}

I chose all my prints with similar values,
but the center block is actually a bit lighter than the others.
I really love those tiny spatulas in that fabric!

The next block in Farm Girl Vintage is called Kettle's On!
I love my tea every morning,
so I looked forward to stitching this pretty block.

It was fun to make a yellow spout and lid,
topped off with a little red knob. I love the aqua kettle, too.

Next up was the block called Kitchen Window.
I've been using navy fabric as a "zinger"
for my blocks, so I used the dark fabric for my window frame.

The fabrics in the "window" glow like it's nighttime.

I'm really having fun blending all my 30's style prints,
to make some fresh new blocks with a vintage vibe.

Be sure to come back soon and often, to see more!
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August 14, 2015

Fresh Pears, Furrows, and Grandma's Quilt Blocks

Here I am again,
with some more of my Farm Girl Vintage blocks,
from the super fun sew along!

I'm using a little of this and a little of that,
but most of my prints are chosen from my 30's repro fabrics.
I love the American Jane line called Fresh Air,
with fresh primary colors.
I find that I like mixing in the pastels from Bake Sale by Lori Holt,
to soften the bright vintage tones.

I had the luxury of several different yellow prints,
so it was super fun to put together the lovely Fresh Pears block.

 The "whole" pear was completed,
with just a few hiccups.
I would highly recommend following the directions
in the book while constructing this block!

The "half" pear is simply yummy,
with its mellow yellow center.
I decided not to add embroidered "seeds" to mine.

The Furrows block was traditional and a bit more simple.
For this block I chose 8 scrappy prints of similar value.

The instructions in the book gave me 8 perfect Flying Geese blocks.
I like them grouped in sets of four, to complete the Furrows block.

My little bird prop enjoyed posing among the furrows.

 The last block I'm sharing today was really fun to make.
I especially enjoyed choosing the fabrics.
That's always the best part.

The part that's NOT the best part is when I make a mistake.

MY Grandma taught me so much about sewing.
She once told me, "You are only as good of a sewer as you are an UN-sewer."
So true!
I fixed up my block in no time,
and this is sew much better!

Hurry back...I've got more blocks to share!
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August 10, 2015

Farm Fresh Flower, Egg Basket, Feed and Seed Blocks

Hello, and welcome back!
I'm sharing some more of my Farm Girl Vintage
blocks, made for the super fun sew along!

All of the blocks have been adorable,
but my most favorite ones are those that look like
they could have come from
the traditional quilts that farm wives used to make.

The Farm Fresh Flower block is that kind of block...
it is graphic and simple,
and vintage-style fabrics bring it to life.

The Egg Basket is another old-fashioned block,
and I used some sweet pastels for mine.

Some days I don't have any time for sewing,
but whenever I have just a bit of free time,
I enjoy cutting out my blocks ahead of time.
That way, they come together quickly when it's time to sew.

The Feed and Seed block was a good block to have pre-cut.
There are 41 pieces of fabric in this block!!!

I didn't have much trouble with this block, though.
I just started with the center
and took it one step at a time.

I couldn't resist some navy triangles,
which added some dramatic contrast.
Look how cute the little rows of triangles were!

{Note to self: I love navy with lime green, too.}

I had fun posing the finished block for a few photos.

Do you mind seeing them?

I haven't completely lost my mind...
those are wooden cherries.

That's enough for today...
but come back again for another installment of my
Farm Girl Vintage block series!

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August 8, 2015

Continuing with...Corn and Tomatoes, Country Crossroads, and Crops

I'm having such a great fun sewing from my
Farm Girl Vintage book by Lori Holt.
What a great sew along!

I'm caught up with the blocks but haven't kept up
with corresponding blog posts.
Today I'll share 3 more cute blocks,
starting with Corn and Tomatoes.

This block was near and dear to my heart,
because corn and tomatoes are a great source of
color inspiration!

{These fresh ingredients make a fabulous corn salad!}

I found the Corn and Tomatoes block to be a real treat to stitch.
My "Fresh Air" American Jane fabrics 
give me a few sweet reds to start with.
I tossed in a butter yellow print, too,
from Bake Sale by Lori Holt.

This block had fewer pieces than most, so pretty soon,
my block was finished.

I'm such a fan of pinwheels,
and I love the way the points meet in the middle.

I love using my "design boards" that I made
following this tutorial.

Next up was another simple block:
Country Crossroads.

I went with blue and pink prints this time.
I like making each block a little different,
for my vintage quilt.
Polka dots fit right in!

Snowball blocks and sashing make this easy!

 Next up we have the clever "Crops" block.
I really like the way the leaves
are composed of two fabrics in the same color.

The finished block is cute on its own,
but I plan to pop a flower block onto the stem someday.

Come back often
to watch my Farm Girl Vintage blocks accumulating!

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