March 30, 2014

I'm Guest Posting...Scrappy Pincushions Tutorial

Today is a special day for me!
I'm sharing a guest post over at
with a brand-new pincushion tutorial!

I used a delicious jelly roll of 
by 3 Sisters for Moda,
plus some yardage to match.

Here's just one of the pinnies 
that popped out of my jelly roll...
it's reversible, and this is the selvage side!

This pinnie was based on the Skinny Pincushion
I made for my swap partner, that I shared here.

quick and easy scrappy pinnies.

While you're in the neighborhood,
be sure to check out the big Spring Sale

{ ends March 31 at foolin'!

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March 27, 2014

Springtime in the Kitchen

Home Sweet Home...
We've just returned from a family trip to Florida!
Those warm sunny days make me wish spring would
hurry up and make its way to Pennsylvania!

{I picked up some daisies to brighten the kitchen, while I wait.}

made from some happy red gingham

Well, I've used it again to add some more cherry pop
to my country kitchen.
I started with a little cherry berry basket,
made using this tutorial from Noodlehead.

Paper napkins are very lovely in my basket...
but so are GINGHAM napkins!
All I did was hem some 14 1/2" squares of gingham. 
Since they are woven, there is no "wrong side."

{I always say, you can't go wrong with gingham.}

Next on my wishlist for my cherry kitchen
was a little counter topper,
made to match the table topper.

How did I do it?  Simple!

(6) 2 1/2" x 15" cherry strips
(6) 2 1/2" x 15" gingham strips
(1) 12" x 15" Pellon ShapeFlex SF101 interfacing
(1) 12" x 15" cherry backing

At least 1 1/2 yds. Ricrac - 5/8" wide 

Stitch the strips of fabric together
with a 1/4" seam, pressing each seam to one side.
When finished,
the patchwork measures 12" x 15".
Fuse the SF101 interfacing to the 
back of the patchwork, to give it wonderful shaping.

Next baste the gingham in place
just less than 1/4" from the edges of the patchwork.

Pin the patchwork top and the cherry backing
wrong sides together, and stitch just inside the basting,
so that the previous stitches will not show.
Leave an opening on one side for turning.
Turn the topper right sides out,
and smooth out the ricrac along the edges.
Press well, then topstitch near the edges to finish!

I think it looks just great on my countertop.

You know what else?  

It's reversible!

 It makes me smile to see those little aqua dots
in the background of the cherry print.
I really love decorating my kitchen with cherry pop!

Soon the sunny days will be here at my house,
and I'll be making some fresh food...

and sewing some fresh new projects.
I've got a new set of fabrics from Terry's Fabrics to show you!
Come back soon to see what's cooking!

{I'm happy to be the newest contributor for the How To Blog at Terry's Fabrics
Head on over to check out more great ideas...}

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March 8, 2014

N Is For Noodlehead - My Latest Divided Basket

Hello, Friends - 
I've just got time to check in for a quick post today!

I've got photos of my latest installment
in the series of Divided Baskets

For this version,
I used some of the orchid prints in
Heather Ross's Briar Rose line.

{Here is the back view of the basket...}

This pretty basket is a gift
to welcome a lovely new baby girl!
I chose to decorate the basket
with her initial...N.

I used a panel from Lakehouse Dry Goods,
printed in bronze to look like cross-stitch.

I had a bit of Jennifer Paganelli fabric
from one of her early lines called Bell Bottoms.
I liked the way it looked
as an accent for the pocket and handles.

{I love blending unexpected prints from unrelated fabrics!}

I really love making these baskets for new moms.
They add a pretty storage option
for little diapers, little books,
little socks and shoes,
and so much more.

Look closely at the Briar Rose prints...
do you see them???

That's right...SHAMROCKS!
They fit right in with this month's

Have you made something with shamrocks, too?
Don't forget to add your photos to the Flickr group!

Until next time...happy stitching!

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March 1, 2014

Shamrocks for March

Here comes the month of March,
sweeping in like a lion.
Wouldn't you love to take your mind
off of the weather,
and create something fresh and springlike?

Join with us in the Across The Pond Sew Along,

We've researched some wonderful
Shamrock projects,
and Susie's listed a bunch of them
over at Susie's Sunroom.

Not to be outdone...
The Patchsmith has even created a brand-new
free tutorial for a Shamrock mug rug!

which is the Option B project from
the Moda Bake Shop Susie used for

I'm wishing for the luck o' the Irish
and some extra sewing time
during the month of March.

If you're like me, and are looking for
something quick and cute,
check out the Shamrock tutorial I've found

Photo by Amy of Positively Splendid
If you make something,
please add it to the Flickr group
We love seeing what you've made!

Now where's my green felt?
I'm off to make my own lucky four-leaf clover!
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