October 25, 2012

Amish Ham Casserole

Whenever I show my friends something I've made,
they almost always ask me,
"How do you find the time for sewing?"

There are a lot of answers to that question.
The most truthful answer is that 
I can't NOT sew!

One of the other reasons I have time to sew
is that I have some great recipes for dinner
that don't really require a lot of
hands-on time.

Today I'm going to share one with you!

It's called Amish Ham Casserole,
and my family loves it for dinner.

My sister Susie, of Susie's Sunroom,
first gave me a similar recipe that used Swiss cheese,
bacon, and frozen hashbrown potatoes.

{She made it for brunch, and it was fabulous!}

I've adapted it into this version,
which I like to make for dinner.  My family loves it!

{BONUS:  It's a gluten-free recipe! Just check the labels, to be sure.}

Here's what you need...

Notice the convenience of these items...

I almost always make extra baked potatoes, 
so I can have this casserole for dinner the next day.  

{Someday I'll share my way of making the best-ever baked potatoes!}

I buy a 1-lb. package of diced ham...just right for this recipe.

I almost always have the other items on hand...
cottage cheese, eggs and shredded cheese.
Also an onion...only this time, I was all out of onions!

{That's okay...no one noticed!}

It only takes a few minutes to dice the potatoes 
and stir everything all together in my big giant mixing bowl.

I can make it ahead of time, cover it with plastic wrap, and refrigerate it...
and that gives me lots of sewing time!

{To make cleanup easy, I spray my oval baking dish with cooking spray.
That dish can go in the dishwasher after dinner!}

My hungry family was kind of annoyed when I stopped
them from cutting into this dinnertime goodness
while I got a few photos of it!

{I hope you appreciate it!}

Amish Ham Casserole

1 lb ham, cubed
1 med onion, chopped - optional
6 eggs
2 or 3 baked potatoes, diced into chunks*
2  cups shredded Cheddar and Colby Jack cheese
1 1/2 cups small curd cottage cheese

*If you  don't have baked potatoes, 
you can substitute 4 cups of frozen shredded hash browns, thawed.

Combine the ingredients in a large mixing bowl. 
Transfer to a greased 13 in x 9  in baking dish.  
Bake , uncovered , at 350 degrees F for 35- 40 min or until set and bubbly.  Let stand for 10 min. before cutting.

Sometime try taking it along for a potluck or a brunch,

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  1. This looks like my kind of recipe - cheese and bacon - lovely - quick and easy. I love the casserole carrier - what a unique pattern. Thanks for sharing your food and talent. Now tell the family they can tuck in. xxx

  2. Definitely going to try this and looks like something I could get my 2 year old to eat too. Thank you for the recipie.

  3. I totally agree, how do you do it all!!!

  4. it looks delicious, but i am not a fan of cottage cheese (shiver), is there something i can use instead?

    1. I haven't ever made this without the cottage cheese, but I'm betting it would not be much different without it. It would still be flavorful and filling.

    2. I don't have cottage cheese so, I'm going to try it with sour cream...since I have that on hand.
      I'll let you know how it goes...

    3. I didn't have cottage cheese either, so tried plain yoghurt and it worked fine. Yummy dish! I'll be making it again soon.

  5. Have you tried to make it ahead and freeze? How does it stand up?

  6. This looks good and sounds delicious and easy. It would have been nice to have a print button to make it easy to print out.

  7. I was wondering what you thought about substituting the potatoes with croutons/bread cubes.
    I got a STELLAR deal on bread cubes, after Thanksgiving!!! I'm trying to find casseroles to use them in. LOL
    Since you say you put it in the fridge anyway, they should have time to soften up...

    1. I've never tried bread or croutons, mostly because I love the potatoes so much.

  8. Super easy recipe. I am making this again but with about a 1/3 of the onion. It was too strong for our taste. I'm considering adding mushroom and red pepper to veggie it up a bit. It may get soupy, so will probably add an extra potato to help it set up properly. BTW, ricotta cheese is an excellent substitute for cottage cheese. I'm using cottage cheese since I like it. Great casserole!

  9. Is the ham you used pre-cooked ( ready to eat) or is the baking time long enough to properly cook the ham? I have ham steaks that are not pre-cooked.

    1. Betty, I use only fully cooked ham in this recipe.


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