October 26, 2016

Spooky Delight Table Topper

Hello, Friends!
Halloween is coming up soon.
I'm all set, now that I've finished making my
Spooky Delight table topper!

{See the pillow back there on the couch?}

I got a lot of mileage out of just that one Spooky Delight charm pack!
There are even a few squares left...
I decided not to use the purple and green ones.

For the pillow,
 I had used some of the low volume squares
from the charm pack for the "background," 
supplemented with "Porcelain" Bella Solid fabric.

I went a different direction for the table topper,
choosing "Steel" gray Bella Solid
for the background.

For the backing, I used the same gray solid.
I added a strip of extra HST's for interest.

True Confession:
There is a little PUCKER on the back. 
There was a big FROWN on my face when I saw it.
I just left it there.

{The PUCKER - not the frown. I'm over it.}

I just adore the vintage vibe from this fabric line,
by Bunny Hill for Moda.

I wanted a bright skinny orange border 
for the table topper.
I turned to another wonderful fabric line...
for Connecting Threads.

I know now why it's named Good Neighbors...
these fabrics mix very well with other lines.
I used some of the gray stripe from Good Neighbors for the binding.
I think it's just right...on both sides.

I'm all set for trick-or-treaters now.
We'll keep the lights low to make the house more spooky.

Come back soon to see some more decorations
for fall and Thanksgiving at my house!
Here's a sneak peek...

Happy Halloween!

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October 2, 2016

Spooky Delights Halloween Pillow

Hello, Friends!
October is here, and while I was decorating my home,
I decided to whip up a new Halloween pillow.

I used my charm pack of Spooky Delights
by Bunny Hill for Moda.
There are so many sweet prints...
I think I love this Raven Damask the most.

Can you see the tiny black birds?

The text print was another deal-breaker for me.
Mix in a few black cats, pumpkins and mischievous mice,
and you've got a fun focal print.

Of course, there are lots of pretty polka dots
to coordinate...making this line a hit with me.

I've been practing my half-square triangle (HST)
technique, so in nearly no time,
I had whipped up the 16 HST's I needed for the pillow top.

I love that HST's can be arranged in countless ways,
to create stunning designs.
This is the layout I chose, with a diamond pattern
of low volumes around a dark center.

My finished top was about 16 1/2" square...
my pillow form was 16" on the top, but it's rather deep.
I decided to use a Bella Solid
to add a narrow coordinating border.

Often I use a covered zipper backing, but this time
I took a practical shortcut in the zipper installation.
I placed the zipper in the bottom seam of the pillow.

It doesn't show, and it will be so easy to swap out
the pillow cover for other seasons.

I chose the text print in Vanilla for the pillow backing.

The quilting on this pillow was nice and easy...
I used a grid of straight diagonal lines.

For areas that weren't "in the ditch",
I marked my lines with a Frixion pen.
You would never know, even on the white triangles...
a hot iron removed the lines after stitching.

I'm so pleased with my Halloween pillow...
and there are enough charm squares left for another
Halloween project or two!

Are you getting ready for Halloween, too?
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