July 11, 2013

Welcome to the Christmas in July Blog Hop - Christmas Tree Topiary Pillow

Welcome, everyone!
It's my pleasure to present the first project

I've designed a free pattern, just for this event.
the Christmas Tree Topiary Pillow!

{At the end of the tutorial,
there is a GIVEAWAY, too, so be sure to read all the way to the bottom!}

The Crafty Quilter blog is where I first saw this gorgeous line
of holiday fabric...Winter's Lane
by Kate and Birdie Paper Co for Moda.

{It had me at "hello".}

Photo from The Crafty Quilter blog
Through the luckiest coincidence,
 I recently WON a fat quarter bundle
of this stunning fabric range!

It coordinates so nicely with my living room couch,
that even my son said I should use it to make a lot of pillows!
I'm off to a good start already.

I chose some favorite prints from my bundle.

To make the pillow, you need the following supplies...


Heat N Bond, or other fusible web for applique shapes
(1) 15" square of background fabric
Scraps or charm squares of several different prints
for tree "seed" appliques
(1) 5" wide x 3 1/2" tall fabric scrap for tree base
(2) 2" x 15" strips of top and bottom border fabric
(2) 2" x 18" strips of side border fabric
(1) 18" piece of Pellon 987F Fusible Fleece for front of pillow


(1) 18" square of fabric for pillow backing
(1) 18" square of Pellon SF101 ShapeFlex fusible interfacing
(1) 4" x 18" strip of fabric for zipper flap
(2) 1 1/4" x 6" rectangles of fabric for zipper extensions
14" zipper in coordinating color

Click to Download TEMPLATES for ChristmasTree Topiary Appliques.
Be sure to print using the printer icon,
and use the actual size or no scaling option.
(Seed shape measures about 2" from end to end
and about 7/8" wide.)

Trace a total of 30 applique "seeds" onto the paper side
of Heat N Bond fusible webbing.
Cut the shapes apart roughly, not on the drawn lines.
Place the shapes on the WRONG side
of the fabrics you are using for the tree applique
and iron in place according to manufacturer's instructions.

Cut the seed shapes out carefully,
following the lines that were traced.  Peel away the paper
from the backs of all of the applique shapes.

For my tree, I tried to suggest snow, covering the upper boughs.
I chose the lightest prints for the top-most rows,...

and placed darker fabrics in each lower tier.

For the base of the topiary,
draw the Base template 
on the paper side of Heat N Bond webbing.
Cut the base shape out roughly, not directly on the drawn lines.

Fuse the piece of webbing to the WRONG side
of the tree base fabric,
as directed by the manufacturer.
Cut the shape out on the drawn lines,
then remove the paper backing.

Lay out all of the tree appliques,
in rows as pictured,
centering the design on the 15" square of background fabric.
Fuse all of the pieces into place,
following manufacturer's directions for the fusible webbing.

There is one seed on the top, with 2 seeds in the next row.
The third row has 4 seeds, the fourth row has 6 seeds,
the fifth row has 8 seeds, and the bottom row has 10 seeds.

Next add border strips to the top and bottom,
then the sides, of the 15" square background.
Press all seams away from the center block.

Fuse the square of Pellon 987F to the back of the pillow top.

{Alternately, you may use a layer of batting and a muslin backing,
to create a quilt sandwich. 
 Personally I prefer the smooth finish of fusible fleece, 
and it doesn't shift during the quilting process.}

Stitch around the edge of each of the applique pieces.
I used a slightly shorter stitch length setting of 2.0
and it was very easy to negotiate the gentle curves,
even without lowering my feed dogs!

{If you like, you could blanket-stitch or zigzag the edges.  I just used a straight stitch this time.}

I stitched around the base, the same way.

For the borders, I stitched in the ditch.
If you like, you may add lots more quilting.

{Here's how mine looked on the back.}

To me, this pillow top seemed finished at this point.
Well...except...I decided to fuse one tiny little cardinal
onto my favorite bough.

{I love the dash of red this little bird adds...just like in nature!}

Now that the pillow top was complete,
to finish off my pillow.

{Here's the link for the PDF of the tutorial.}

I made one important adjustment for my backing,
since this pillow was going to finish at about 18", not 16" square.
I cut the zipper tabs a little bit longer,
so that the finished zipper would be wide enough.
The tab pieces I used this time measured
1 1/4" tall x 6" wide.

Here's the back of the finished pillow.
I think it's just as lovely as the front,
and I had the chance to use more of the tiny cardinals.

I added my signature label.

The finished pillow measures about 17 1/2" square.
It could be adjusted to make a pillow that is smaller,
(with no borders) or larger, with wider borders.

My new Christmas Topiary Tree Pillow
looks at home already on my chocolate brown couch.

{It's going to have to wait for a few months, though, before I use it.}

How would you like to WIN a kit
for making your very own Christmas Topiary Tree Pillow?

I like the way my pillow turned out,
but I'd love to put together a different kit for one lucky individual,
with all of the fabrics, fleece, interfacing and zipper,
for you to make your own Christmas pillow.

The fabrics and colors will NOT be the same as in my sample,
but I'll pick out something pretty...I promise!

To enter for the random prize drawing,
please comment below, telling me
what your favorite Christmas cookie is!

Comments will close at midnight on July 26, and 
I'll announce the winner on this blog post on July 27.
Please make sure I can contact you via email,
especially if you are a no-reply blogger.

Good luck, everyone, and come back any time!

Comments are now closed for this post.
Congratulations to Shawn, comment #27!
I've contacted Shawn via email.

Thanks to all who entered the giveaway...
good luck next time!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this great pattern with us.
    My favorite cookie is "Nissefryd". If I translate the name it is something like Pixy Joy. It is a White dough with choped chocolate and cocktail cherries in red and green. No Christams without Nissefryd.
    I don't know if internationals are welcome in your give away. But if yes, I too would love to be the Winner :-).
    Anne-Mette from Denmark

  2. Thank you for your great tutorial to an awesome pillow. I must inform you that I have linked your blog to the website of the Swedish National Quilt Guild Rikstacket. I thought that the Swedish quilters might like to enjoy the fun with Christmas in July.
    My favorite Christmas cookies are of course ginger cookies. We start to eat them one month before Christmas Eve and don´t stop until the next new year.
    Have a great weekend
    Britt-Inger in Sweden

  3. LOVE the tutorial! Can't wait to try my own! I adore the orange peel style patterns but I tried sewing them once (non applique version) and it was a disaster! I only just realised a few weeks ago that I could just applique them on!

    I too don't know if international entrants are welcome, but if so, I'd love to win this! I could do with a new cushion for on the sofa and this would be just the motivation I need to actually MAKE it! lol :)

    OH and before I forget .. My favourite cookie has to be good old traditional shortbread! But it's addictive! Before you know it a box has disappeared!

  4. I love them all...I love he Neiman Marcus cookies and also plain old fashioned peanut butter cookies and the version of it with a chocolate kiss candy on top. I lov ehow the majority of the pillow is applique. I tis beautiful. Would love to make one in my colors of aqua that I use for christmas now.

  5. My favorite cookies are Peanut Butter Blossoms - peanut butter cookies w/ Hershey kisses!

  6. Great fabric for a fun project. Lovely pattern.

  7. My favorite Christmas cookie is gingersnaps dipped in white chocolate. Love them. Thanks for sharing this project with us.

  8. Love the pillow! Got to go with Shortbread for my favourite! But I love baking cookie so I always have a great variety at Christmas!!

  9. Happy for this blog hop where you give us new design things and lovely insiration.The fabrics are just georgious too.

  10. Amy,
    The pillow is just beautiful!!! Fantastic job!

  11. I love your pillow, Amy! I must make one for myself and it will match perfectly with my Winter Seeds Table Topper. Thank you for a great tutorial and for being the first to go in the Blog Hop. You have set the bar high!
    Julie @ The Crafty Quilter

  12. Beautiful design! The fabric is just so perfect for christmas. I love that warm brown background color and the addition of the tiny little cardinal :D.

    My favorite Christmas cookie is the NY Times Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. I make it every year and it is always a hit.

  13. Beautiful pillow!! I just finished a quilt with this fabric!

  14. Love this pillow! My favorite cookie is white chocolate chip!!

  15. Ooh, my favorite treat at Christmas is a simple triangle of pie crust dough sprinkled with cinnamon suger and then rolled up then baked, with a bit of glaze on top. My neighbor makes them every year and brings some over for the family.

  16. Great pillow - I love the fabrics, especially the cardinals!
    I love shortbread!

  17. Great pillow Amy! Thanks so much for the cute pattern and the tutorial too. I just love the fabrics you used... the cardinals are so cute. : ) My favorite cookie is oatmeal with coconut and walnuts. Yum! I like to bake them so that they're somewhat soft - they just melt in your mouth!
    Hope you have a great weekend. Thanks again!
    Dawn : )

  18. Your pillow is so so cute. My fav xmas cookie is Thumbprint Cookie with raspberry jam. My sister makes them every year and they are a favorite of the whole family. Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. Love the pillow...thank you so much for sharing the tutorial! My favorite Christmas cookie is Wienerstube. It is an Austrian chocolate and black pepper cookie. I can eat these anytime of the year; they are so good!

  20. Your pillow is gorgeous. Thanks for the tutorial.
    In Spain the Christmas cracker is the polvorón. Made from almonds and lard
    Greetings from Barcelona

  21. My favorite cookies is the traditional Shortbread cookie. Enjoy them when a child and still love them and make them every year. Awesome fabric and pattern. Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. My favorite cookies is the traditional Shortbread cookie. Enjoy them when a child and still love them and make them every year. Awesome fabric and pattern. Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. Beautiful pattern...love the back of the pillow :) My favorite cookie is Swedish Gingerbread cookies!

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  27. Hi, it's not really a cookie, but could be if you shape it. haha It is my mothers chocolate fudge. So Yummy!!!
    Thank you for the giveaway, that applique looks like I may be able to handle that. :)
    (smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)

  28. Love the pillow - thanks for the tutorial. My favorite cookie that I bake dozens of at Christmas Pecan Butterscotch Chip. Thanks.

  29. This is so very pretty! I must try to get this month's project made! :) Perhaps this pillow will be the one. My favorite Christmas cookie is an chocolate dipped almond cookie. Yum!!

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  42. my favorite christmas cookie is called Ammonia Cookies, (uses baker's ammonia), it's a Mennonite recipe ;) i'm going to make this pillow even if i don't win. lol

  43. I absolutely love this pillow. I will try to find time to make one. I really love the fabric line. You're in trouble, because now I really want that fabric line! LOL. Thanks for the free tute! You are so clever with the little cardinal on there. Would love a kit and would totally trust your judgement on fabric! LOL.

    Favorite Christmas cookie? Hmmm.....I like Christmas candy more than cookies, but, if I had to pick one, I'd have to say sugar cookies. :-) (I used to hate them, but now I love them. What's up with that?)

  44. What a beautiful pillow! I love the straight stitch appliqué, it suits the modern look of the tree and the colours are lovely. My favourite cookie is 'mandelflarn'. They are basically chopped almonds and butter, held together with a little flour, sugar and milk. They spread on the baking tray and look like lace. When I take them out of the oven I hang them over a broom handle to make them curved. Greetings from Norway!

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    Second, I love the tutorial for the pillow. I think it would make a beautiful table runner, too. Our guild has asked the members to make small table runners for a "meet and greet" with our keynote speaker next summer. The table runners need to be on the small side since the tables are not really big for that type of event. Some will be given as door prizes and some auctioned in our small quilt auction. The table runners can be for any timeframe. My small stitch group decided that each of us would make one from the same pattern. Someone had already taken Christmas, so I used my stash (leftovers) from when I made quilts for my brother's twin grandchildren. I thought it would be cute for a baby shower. Now I have another great idea for a table runner. Thank you for participating and the great give away. This team headed by Julie is terrific.

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