October 3, 2020

Hello, Autumn, Darling Quilt

Hello, Friends!

Are you enjoying autumn as much as I am?
It makes me want to curl up with a new quilt,
for keeping cozy on these cool evenings.

I was stricken with All-Hallows-Eve fever
from the moment I discovered this beautiful fabric
from Fig Tree Quilts.
I first saw it used with the "Merry Christmas, Darling" quilt pattern
from Cotton Way, and it shot to the top of my must-make list.

I found this pattern to be extremely enjoyable to sew.

At first, I planned to stick with the color arrangement
shown on the pattern cover.

Pretty soon, though...a random design took over,
since I had orange, gray and black blocks
instead of the two-color palette.

I found it to be just as appealing, if not more so.

I think I love the all-black star best.

{It reminds me of a Halloween kitten.}

Before quilting, I pinned the quilt sandwich together with pins.
This part is not my favorite step in the process.

{Does anyone out there like making a quilt sandwich???}

The machine quilting process was much more fun!
I used a set of long wavy lines,
in the style of my sister of Susie's Sunroom.

The backing is a charming pumpkin colored floral print. 

For the binding, I selected the orange peel print.

It complements both sides. 

I don't ever mind stitching on the binding by hand,
because the big finish is worth it!

It's just scrumptious, when it's all rolled up, don't you agree?

If you enjoy sewing, I have a great resource for you to explore.
The website is called "Do You Sew?" and is fun for
anyone who sews, no matter your experience level.

Now I'm all set for the month of October.
How about you?

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September 27, 2020

Hello, Autumn

Hello, Friends!

It's been quite a while since I've posted.
Something happens every year,
that refreshes me and recharges my creativity...
it's called Autumn.

Here in Pennsylvania,
fall shows up for a day or two here and there,
before the leaves change
and summer goes away for a long long time.
It's perfect weather for a caramel latte
and some homemade pumpkin bread.

The colors of fall lift my spirits,
and they show up in flowers as well as on the trees.

My husband and I recently bought a Cricut Maker.
I hope to share lots of projects in the future.
I made my sign to usher in my favorite season.
I started with a round unfinished board from Lowe's,
which I sanded along the top edge.
I stained the board in a traditional finish.
Next I used painter's tape to create 
an antique white band with chalk paint.

Now I was ready to make my stencil using the Cricut Maker,
some removable vinyl.
I had fun picking out the fonts and a sweet saying. 

{I prepared the surface with some Mod Podge, to prevent bleeding of the letters.}

I hot-glued a pretty fall floral pick that I bought
from Michaels. I love the interesting colors of the pumpkins.
I popped in some little berries and a few loops of burlap ribbon.

There are loads of videos and how-to posts out there,
that anyone can use to spark their creativity.
It's been really fun to figure out how to make various
projects, and we're just getting started.

I hope you'll meet me back here later for more projects!
What are you working on?

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