March 21, 2018

The Patchsmith's Sampler Sew-Along - blocks 1, 2, and 3

Hello, Friends!
Have you ever joined a sew-along?
I would highly recommend one that is going on right now

over at The Patchsmith's lovely blog:

To get started, order your copy of the book,
The Patchsmith's Sampler Quilt Blocks here on Craftsy.
There are 50 amazing blocks,
fun for anyone to create, 
whether you are an experienced stitcher, 
or someone who is just developing your sewing skills!

The book is priced at only $12.99 - what a bargain!
It's in PDF format, and you can choose to print any or all pages.
I'm just using the computer or my phone for instructions, only printing
template pages as necessary, for applique pieces.

Photo from The Patchsmith blog, showing patchwork and applique blocks
If you're just starting out on your sewing journey as a beginner, is a wonderful resource with some great information!

Today I'm sharing my first three blocks from the sampler book.

For my blocks, I've been using some leftover jelly roll strips

from a line called Simply Sweet by Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup.
I've had it in my stash for a good long time.

{Like...9 years!!! hahahaha}

Block 1 - Brick Wall,was the perfect place to start.
There were lots of little pieces, but no seams to match.

For the Guiding Star block (#2),
I selected four different colors of stars to make.
My background for the blocks is a tonal white dot print,
and I like the way it sets off the bright prints.

The third block was a Watermelon block, mostly patchwork,
but with a tiny applique accent.
I love to cut out my pieces when I have time,

then stitch them up in no time.

This little block comes together quickly,
from the inside out.
Look at the finished patchwork - very cute, huh?

And now...The Patchsmith adds her design magic...
little black appliques for the "pips".
What a difference they make!

I'll be continuing my sampler journey here on the blog,

and I would love to have you join me!

Find more photos by following me on Instagram.
I am @eamylove.The Patchsmith and I are no strangers to sew-alongs.
We became fast friends as a result of the Zakka Style Sew Along
years ago...maybe YOU can meet lifelong friends through the Patchsmith's Sampler Sew-Along!
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