July 31, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage - Out of Order!

Are you following the
I found it irresistible,
and although I arrived a little late to the party,
I'm all caught up now!

Here's a glimpse of how my blocks are coming along...

This week's featured blocks were just so much fun!
They are both so All-American...
starting with Old Glory.

The book recommends making a scrappy
little yellow star,
using 5 different yellow prints.
Look how cute mine came out!!!

{True confession: my first thought was, "I'm not doin' that."}

I'm so glad I changed my mind,
when I noticed I had plenty of pretty yellow fabrics
right there on my dining room table, where I sew.

This little flag block went together quickly.
In no time, I was finished with that one.

I turned my attention to the Old Red Barn Block.
I have to say...the quarter-square triangle block
was super easy and lots of fun to make.

I think I might make something with a whole bunch
 of those blocks.
They make a cute barn door.
I took my blocks outside for a photo shoot.

Relax. Those aren't real cherries!

And these aren't real cherries either...

Have you found me on Instagram?
Sometimes I put my blocks up over there
as soon as they are finished.
But don't forget to come back here to my blog again,
for details and more photos!

I'll be catching up on some earlier blocks
from Farm Girl Vintage, over the next few weeks,
while I continue with the sew along.
Come back often!
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July 11, 2015

A Value-able Lesson - Cool Threads

is really getting a workout these days,
as I try to catch up with the sew along!

I'm learning along the way.
which minimizes distortion from pressing.

Also, I use skinny thread,
(Aurifil 50 wt)
to make my block sizes very close to 
a perfect 6 1/2" square at the end.

Today I'm showing my version of the Cool Threads block.

Now, I have a confession to make...
here are the "spools" I made at first.
When I laid them out for assembly,
I didn't love the way the colors looked together.
They didn't clash, but they didn't excite me.

I really liked that light blue one,
so I whipped up three new spools,
and this time I was satisfied.

I started to think about what made me react
differently to two similar blocks.
The difference was...value!

Here's the first block,
photographed in black and white.
One of the blocks "stands out"
from the others, being too dark.
The others are of similar value.

In the block that I liked,
there are two blocks that are darker,
but they are balanced by placement,
and the four blocks seem to belong together.

I really like those "extra" spools,
especially the navy one, and will save them
for another block to be made someday.

I like the way that teeny stripe looks like twine.

Never mind...in my final block,
I liked the way this spool looks like
variegated thread.

While I've been stitching from this book,
I noticed that a whole lot of blocks need
1 1/2" squares from the background print.
I cut some extra squares, to keep in a pretty bowl.

{I like "pretty" organizing tips, don't you?}

I hope you've enjoyed my value-able tip
and will stop by again soon!

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July 6, 2015

Sweetwater Hometown Reversible Table Runner

I've got something fun to share with you today!
Remember those snowball-styled blocks 
for a Jump Ring quilt that
I showed you in this post???

Well...I used eight of the finished blocks to make
this fresh new table runner!

{Fabrics are Hometown, from Sweetwater for Moda.}

I selected some texts, polka dots and stripes
in red and gray, alternating light and dark blocks.

For the finishing touch,
I used a diagonal plaid print
from Sweetwater's Feed Company line.

It's just so yummy, bundled up in this sweet roll.

Can you believe it?
This table runner is actually reversible!

I hand-stitched the binding neatly,
thank goodness!

The backing is also from Feed Company...
a recipe text print!
I think I'll try at least one of these recipes out someday.

I didn't quilt the runner heavily,
and personally I prefer it that way.
I did some straight line stitching
but left the centers of the rings unstitched.

The fabrics are so pleasant,
and I like the way they are featured
in these large blocks.

I love the way these "modern" fabrics look
with my vintage tins...
and I'm sure the table runner would really set off
a contemporary dining room, too.

I have some more blocks left over,
so I think I'll make at least one, maybe two more table runners. 
This particular one is now up for sale

Come back soon!

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July 4, 2015

More Farm Girl Vintage Blocks...Canning Season, Chicken Foot and Churn Dash

I've been busy trying to catch up with the
Farm Girl Vintage sew along...
and I'm starting to accumulate
lots of pretty blocks.

I had really been looking forward to capturing
some sweet strawberries
in the Canning Season block.
I picked my berry fabrics and cut my pieces out ahead of time.

Later, when there was a bit of time for sewing,
the block went together quickly.

I took a glamour shot with my Pyrex bowls
and my mini design board.

{I LOVE my gingham lids.}

Next up was the Chicken Foot block.
I think I've seen this block around,
but I never gave it much credit...
what a charming design,
especially when some favorite fabrics are used!

The "positive/negative" effect was fun, and
I was really pleased with my sharp HST's.
With the stitching method used in this block
there was no need to oversize and trim!

Then it was time for a Churn Dash block...
always one of my most favorite quilt blocks!
I chose a fresh navy, yellow and blue palette for mine.

I think this block is one of the best designs ever...
so simple and pretty...great for a beginner to make.

Soon this pretty block was born.

I love the bright 30's style prints I'm using...
mostly Fresh Air by American Jane,
with some Bake Sale by Lori Holt,
assorted polka dots,

{I REALLY LOVE that one in the upper right corner...Betty's Green.}

Stop by again soon, for more Farm Girl Vintage fun!

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