March 11, 2012


Ready...set...go!  This post marks the beginning of my very own blog! name is Amy.

I have been a guest blogger on a blog called LanieJane, which is no longer active.  I learned so much, and in JoAnne I "met" a wonderful new friend and mentor.  She gave me the chance to write about my favorite things...sewing, fabrics and recipes.  And she even gave me a bunch of fabric!  What fun!

While I was guest-blogging I took the plunge and opened up my very own shop on Etsy, called "eamylove".

I joined the local branch of the Modern Quilt Guild and met a talented quilter and blogger named Jessica, who turned out to be my neighbor!!!  She let me do a guest post for her blog, SewCraftyJess.

All of this has led me here to my own place on the internet.  I've been thinking about what to call my blog, and I decided on the name "Amy Made That!" because that's the reaction I'm hoping to see whenever I show someone what I've created. 

I kind of hope my bags and pillows and quilts and baby toys, and whatever else I've made don't look really homemade, unless it's on purpose. ;)

I love it when someone shows my newest thing to someone else, and feels the need to explain, "Amy made that!"

A while ago I saw a camera bag here, made by Serendipity Studio, in a pattern from the book Media Frenzy.  WOW!  I had to make was just so beautiful, and would be perfect for my sister, who loves to take pictures.
We both love Fig Tree Quilts fabrics, so I chose some of my favorites for this project...from Mill House Inn, Fig and Plum, and, I think, some Buttercup.
My mom has seen just about everything I've ever made, so she knows my style.  Last month I showed her this camera bag I had made as a birthday present for my sister. 

 Mom looked at it and asked me, "Did you MAKE this?" 

Why, yes, as a matter of fact I did.  Never mind that I decided about 20% into it that it was a "one of a kind" camera bag, not the first in a series of four.

 Never mind that I worried constantly about breaking needles or running out of bobbin thread halfway around the endless topstitching details.

 Never mind the sloppy interior of the lid.
{oddly enough, there is no photo available}

Never mind that I didn't make the interior padded shelves,
as directed in the pattern.

Never mind that the little pocket flap will NOT stay down.

I knew my sister would love it,
and I knew she and my mom were proud of what I had MADE! 
And I felt as if I'd "made it" somewhere new in my sewing life.

{That's kind of how I feel today, too, beginning this blog!}
I hope you'll enjoy seeing what else I'm making.  I get all my best ideas from beautiful blogs, and I hope you'll find some inspiration here to MAKE something, too!

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  1. Congratulations, Amy! I love your blog and your philosophy and, especially love your SEWING projects and style!!! Have fun letting your creative juices flow freely on your blog!!
    Best of luck, to the best sister ever!


  2. My camera bag really is so cute, that I keep it out just to look at it and smile!! Thanks for making it for me, Amy!

    Your sister , Susie

  3. Your blog and all that you make are lovely... and you are "sew" right, haha, your items don't look homemade!

  4. Thanks, Ann! I really appreciate your kind words as I start this new adventure of blogging!

  5. Hello Amy! Glad to have met you by way of your link on The Quilter's Table. Your very first blog entry is delightful. I think I'll have myself a look around!

  6. What an inspiring start! Very cool that you have patterns and a shop and all! Awesome!

  7. Your blog is so pretty, and I think you were well prepared. It looks great!

  8. Every project is a learning experience! Thanks for sharing.

  9. What a great first post and on such a special day too, LOL. This day truly was the start of great things to come!


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