May 17, 2012

Zakka Style Rain Cloud Mug Rug

Welcome again to the weekly edition of the
Zakka Style Sew Along!

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This one is the perfect project for a rainy day...
the Rain Cloud Mug Rug.

{For my mug rug, I did not stray far from the one featured in the book,
made by contributing artist Christie Fowler.
I thought hers was so adorable!}

Here is the one I made...

There was one major departure...
I did not use even a scrap of linen for my mug rug.

{I hope that's legal!}

For the background
I chose a solid in Mist from Amy Butler.

That reminded me of a piece of Amy Butler's
Midwest Modern
that I'd recently purchased.
The tiny gray polka dots were perfect for the fussy cut cloud!

It's called Optic Blossom Linen.

{Hey..."Linen"...does that count?!?!?!}

For me, the most fun part was machine quilting the wind and rain lines!
For the rain lines,
I used masking tape to mark a few parallel slants.
I stitched those first, using the white thread.
Then I filled in with some more rainy lines, in gray thread.

{I just eye-balled my windy swirls, modeling them after the book photo.}

I'm pretty pleased with my machine binding...
I used more of the Optic Blossom for that.

{I just love the little bits of sunshine that the yellow brings!}

I love the back just as much as the front, actually...
that's a piece of Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey,
in soft blue with yellow.

This is a gift for my sister, Susie.
I got to give it to her in person today!
I owed her a mug rug, because she's made 
a few cuties just for me.
Here's the latest...for teatime!

I put my little eamylove label on the back, so Susie knows
I made it, just for her!

I hope it will bring a little smile to Susie, even on rainy days!

{Love you, Susie!}

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  1. And it is even prettier in person! The colors are just right..... Thanks for my lovely gift, Amy!!


  2. The colours are always 'just right' with Amy - as is the fabric and the workmanship. I too have a sister that I share things with - how lucky are we?

  3. lovely, I like the yellow touch too!


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