September 7, 2012

Zakka Style Week #23 - Message Board

Here we are at the next-to-the-last project
in the Zakka Style Sew Along!

{This fun event has been hosted by Lindsey at LRStitched.}

This week's project was one I've been looking forward to making,
ever since the first time I thumbed through the Zakka Style book...

It's delightful, and it's called the Happy Garland Message Board!

The contributor is Katrien Van Deuren of the blog

I've been aware of Katrien's work for a while now.
I favorited some of her Flickr photos a long time ago,
which featured bright bits of applique on a linen background,
framed in a hoop, like the one shown below.

And now she's shown us how to make our own versions in the book!

The hardest part about this project was gathering all the sweet little accessories that were necessary to make it so adorable.

Luckily I found a spool of green and white twine
and lots of teeny tiny clothespins one day at my local craft store!

I rummaged around and came up with 
an embroidery hoop in the right size, too!

I decided to use Heat N Bond to fuse my little flags in place,
then stitch them all together into two swags.

I was done stitching in no time!

My little hoop will be used to hold fabric swatches,
inspiring me to make projects from certain lines or colors.

I can't WAIT to dig into my layer cake of Simply Color

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  1. Very Cute message board! Did you get the mini clothespins knowing that your project was coming up?

  2. I love your message board Amy and the idea of holding fabric swatches.

  3. Your hoop look great, Amy. ...and a great idea for it's use!


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