August 1, 2013

Pinwheels for August - Across the Pond Sew Along

It's been a nice hot summer where I live,
and I've been thinking a lot about cool breezes,
vintage fans, and fresh air.

That's how I came up with the August theme for the 
Across the Pond Sew Along...

We're going to be making Pinwheels!

Here are some ideas for inspiration.
Anything can be a pinwheel...
there are pinwheel cookies...

Pinwheel Cookies by CookEatDelicious

Wreath by Simply Sweet Home blog
and of course, all kinds of Pinwheel quilt blocks!

Here is a sampling of the awesome pinwheel quilts
I came across, looking for my own inspiration.

There are some great 3D Pinwheel patterns out there!

{Our friend Vexa from Negligent Style has a flair for 3D, and she's going to love these!}

This one is from The Pattern Basket,
and I love the way the white pinwheels contrast with
the colorful backgrounds.

If you want a great free tutorial,

Photo credit:  by Anjeanette
Also, I couldn't believe the perfect timing for this
charming table runner,
made by Angela of Knitty Bitties, from another free tutorial.

{Sadly, I couldn't get the link to work for the tutorial, but you could use one of the others I found to make the 3D blocks.}

Photo Credit:  Knitty Bitties blog
You'll find some more simple, but clever,
pinwheel block tutorials over at Pleasant Home.

Jodi must have a "thing" for pinwheels, too,
because she's got a bazillion sweet projects,

Photo by Pleasant Home - Christmas Pinwheel  Runner
available in the Pleasant Home shop on Etsy.
I've got one, and I used it when I made my
vintage kitchen table runner, shown here.

There are soooo many more great pinwheel
blocks out there!
This one caught my eye...I hope to make my own version
of this incredibly sweet vintage design from Charise Creates.

It's called Daisy Pinwheel, and
there is curved piecing involved, but it looks well worth the effort.

Photo from Charise Creates blog

If that looks too complicated,
you can always get back to basics with a few
squares and half-square triangles.
Use this diagram from Free Quilt Block Patterns,
and create countless variations.

{Time to sharpen our colored pencils!}

Let's have a fun time this month,
creating a bunch of pretty pinwheels!

Don't forget to show off your finishes

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  1. Oh, I sure do love 3D pinwheels! I planned some for my Ballerinas quilt which is in progress so this just fits my plans. Great!

  2. I love pinwheels!!! Thank you for the inspiration! As always....I just get lost in your posts. Unfortunately August is going to be a bit of a crazy month and I may be throwing a bit of a fit for not have much time to sew this month, so I'll day dream through your blog. Thank you, Amy!!!!

  3. So funny! I popped in to check our your blog in my regular blog hopping. And there is a nod to my tutorial. So nice! I confess, I love pinwheels. I actually want to make a quilt with my kind of dimensional pinwheel and the prairie point kind too. Wouldn't that be fun?


  4. I love a good pinwheel block and you have highlighted some great inspiration for us! Great idea, Amy! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

  5. I had a hard time getting past the cookies!!!! Great tutorials .. Of course my eye goes right to the daisy pinwheel which vim guessing is a bit difficult!

  6. Love those 3D pinwheels! I've been doing the vintage quilt along at Charise Creates and it looks hard but its not! Honest, no pins on those curves! In fact its my favorite block so far.

  7. Love all of the beautiful and diverse ways to make pinwheels! I got back from a trip and will make something soon!!


  8. Hi Amy, This is perfect because that's the next block I'm doing for the block party, I must add your link when you post your pinwheels. Such a fun block! I love the movement feel.

  9. I really love that last block. It's very different!


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