February 22, 2014

More Thoughtful Pincushions - Part 2

Earlier I showed some photos from creating
made with adorable quotations
illustrated by the talented Susan Branch.

As promised,
I'm ready to share the finished pinnies!

After I had made up my log cabin blocks
for the pincushion front pieces,
I auditioned them with backing fabrics.

Let me show you the combinations I came up with!

The dried flower block looks sweet 
with the Scrumptious candy stripe...

Next I put another Marmalade print on the back
of the songbird block.

 I chose a larger Rosey print for the Tanya Whelan block.

 What could be more homey than a picnic check
from Children at Play?

I am just THRILLED at the way this bright Briar Rose
backing set off the butterfly pinnie.

{Can you see that little grasshopper?}

 And the Sugar Hill plaid tied all of these bright colors
together, so sweetly.

I have some tips to share, too,
on how I make my pincushions.
Once the piecing and cutting are finished,
I always use interfacing to add
soft support to the fabrics.

{My go-to product is ShapeFlex 101SF fusible interfacing, made by Pellon.}

Not only does the interfacing smooth the surface,
it also keeps the stitches from separating
during finishing and during use.

I stitch the fronts to the back, leaving an opening,
and then I turn and press the unstuffed pinnies,
until they are nice and flat.

Here's how they look on the backsides...

I think the best pinnies look as cute on the back as on the front.

{I love to put lots of stuffing in my pinnies, and the interfacing prevents distortion.}

Another detail I love to add is my little "eamylove" label.
I buy mine on Etsy here.

So here are the solo shots of the new
finished pincushions.

I had a hard time parting with the sweet Tanya Whelan one!

This one will surely bring a song to a singer's heart.

{I had to make another one for my mom, when she saw this one.
Mom is quite the beautiful singer, too!}

I think this one turned out very charming,
with the colorful dried flower bunches.

Can you tell, I have a soft spot for country sweetness?
I love the little heart in the window of the house.

Here is a fresh cheery pinnie, to warm any dark days.

And the bright beauty of the butterfly,
with the drama of black...
is my very favorite.

They are all off to their new homes...
where I hope they will be well-loved!

{I know that I loved making them, and I'll be making more.}

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  1. Oh Amy these are adorable! The fronts AND the backs!!

  2. You've done it again!! I adore these!! Will you make more to put in your etsy shop? Thanks for the pellon tip!

  3. You are making me want to sew pincushions now!! I have a Sew Stitchy panel from Aneela Hoey that would be perfect! :) Cindy

  4. Beautiful pinnies, Amy! Love that tip on the interfacing, I'll be sure to try it on my next one!

  5. Well Amy, these are all so very special! How in the world could you have a favorite? These make me want to relax and enjoy spring.

  6. Beautiful pincushions Amy - very special addition to anyones collection!

  7. So gorgeous and heart warming! I love them all!


  8. Amy those pincushions are out
    of this world!! They;re so cute. Well
    Cheers, Anita.

  9. Your pincushions are so lovely, I love all your fabric combinations and your beautiful finishing!

  10. In a raining cold Sunday, your post is a rainbow, hope and joy!

  11. As always your pin cushions never disappoint !

  12. Stunning pinnies and stunning photography. Thanks for the tips too.

  13. It's always sweet when you find the perfect fabrics to finish a project. Your pincushions look absolutely charming.

  14. Cute, cute, cute! I just got some Tanya Whelan design rolls and I'm having a hard time wanting to use them. I kinda just want to stare at them!

  15. Just darling! and perfect! So you Amy!

  16. Hi again Amy . . . I just got this email in my box this morning ... I think maybe you will be able to answer her question! Here it is:

    On Amy's blog (eamylove.blogspot.com) she has pincushions that she made using your little quotes and flowers, etc. Can you please tell me where I can buy these. I could not find them on your blog.

    Harriet Clapper
    Wake Forest, NC

  17. What sweet little pincushions! You did a lovely job!

    Thank you for linking up to Fabric Frenzy Friday!
    Fabric Frenzy Friday

  18. OH, MY! those are ALL so lovely and special, darling!

  19. Thank you for the little giftie. I loved my pincushion so much. You really brightened my day so much. Big hugs for you!


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