August 8, 2015

Continuing with...Corn and Tomatoes, Country Crossroads, and Crops

I'm having such a great fun sewing from my
Farm Girl Vintage book by Lori Holt.
What a great sew along!

I'm caught up with the blocks but haven't kept up
with corresponding blog posts.
Today I'll share 3 more cute blocks,
starting with Corn and Tomatoes.

This block was near and dear to my heart,
because corn and tomatoes are a great source of
color inspiration!

{These fresh ingredients make a fabulous corn salad!}

I found the Corn and Tomatoes block to be a real treat to stitch.
My "Fresh Air" American Jane fabrics 
give me a few sweet reds to start with.
I tossed in a butter yellow print, too,
from Bake Sale by Lori Holt.

This block had fewer pieces than most, so pretty soon,
my block was finished.

I'm such a fan of pinwheels,
and I love the way the points meet in the middle.

I love using my "design boards" that I made
following this tutorial.

Next up was another simple block:
Country Crossroads.

I went with blue and pink prints this time.
I like making each block a little different,
for my vintage quilt.
Polka dots fit right in!

Snowball blocks and sashing make this easy!

 Next up we have the clever "Crops" block.
I really like the way the leaves
are composed of two fabrics in the same color.

The finished block is cute on its own,
but I plan to pop a flower block onto the stem someday.

Come back often
to watch my Farm Girl Vintage blocks accumulating!

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  1. Very cute blocks and I love the little design boards you have too!

  2. Love these so much. Excellent use of that fabric bundle. Xxx

  3. Adorable!! Perfect colors and fabrics combinations for these fun blocks, Amy! These remind me of a happy summer.
    Your version of Country Crossroads is one of my favorites of the block!!

  4. Sure do love the way you are doing the FGV blocks up Amy!

  5. Beautiful fabrics. Beautifully made blocks. I love them.


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