August 23, 2015

Out to Pasture and the Patchwork Pumpkin Blocks

Hello, Friends,
and welcome back to the Farm Girl Vintage sew along!

The two blocks I'm showing today were quite a pair!
The first one had just a few pieces and went together
lickety-split, using a partial seam technique.
For my version of Out to Pasture,
I fussy-cut some cherries and berries.
The fabrics in this block are almost all from Lori Holt's Bake Sale line,
but the red floral at the bottom is American Jane' Fresh Air.

So that block was very quick and easy.

the Patchwork Pumpkin block called for 30 different scraps
of ORANGE fabrics.
Hmmm...I don't have orangeaphobia any more, 
but I don't have that many orange prints!
I just used 3 or 4 of each of my orange fabrics.

I highly recommend taking a photo of the layout,
once you've devoted all that time to making it look random.

I only mention that advice because...
mine fell off of the table, and I had to start all over again!

There was a lot of giggling when it happened...
and no bad words flew out of my mouth either.
It was just tooooooooo funny!

{Even my cute mini design board couldn't hang onto all those squares!}

Oh, least it's really kind of fun to arrange all of the squares.
Here's my pumpkin, all made up.

I wonder what I can make with this sweet pumpkin.
I think I might make another one, in the 12 1/2" size,
and create a gorgeous pillow for fall.

Stop by again, for more sew along fun!
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  1. 30 Orange pieces...I do not have that many either...but I may have purple...why I do not know but that is the color most people have picked for baby quilts lately...Boy maybe I can make a bunch of grapes instead of a pumpkin....Love both your blocks.....

  2. Ugh I swear I spend more time on mishaps than actual sewing 😩 ! I definitely don't have 30 orange squares either!!! Love your blocks!!!


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