September 21, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage Blocks - Peas, Carrots and Lots More

Now, where we?...
Life interrupted our conversation about my
Farm Girl Vintage blocks.
The last time I blogged, I was talking about the
Pumpkin season seemed so far away...
and now it's almost autumn!

I'm so tempted to skip ahead and show you
my blocks that match up with the sew along...
but let's stay in alphabetical order,
so I won't miss any.

{This book is so much fun that I'm making every single block in it.}

So, the next block in the book was the Peas and Carrots block.
After making that pumpkin,
I decided that my finished quilt is going to need some more orange.

{Do you have orange-o-phobia? You really should get over it. 
Some pretty orange fabrics are very me.}

I thoroughly enjoyed stitching this block.
I've been skill-building as I work my way through the book.

Oh.My. How I looked forward to making the next block...
Pie Cherries!
This block was probably the deal-breaker block.
I couldn't wait to buy the book after seeing these cherries.

To be honest, I feel a wee bit of disappointment
in my version of the block.
Check it out - my stems are not as uniform as they should be.

But never pie bird loves these cherries just as they are.

I adore cherry red color anywhere in the kitchen.
It's so retro.

Next in the book is a simple little Pinwheels block.
It's a classic favorite, fun to make, and oh, so cute!

I followed my own tips, and I chose prints of similar value.

I think my favorite one is...that orange one.

{What is the opposite of orange-o-phobia? I have that.}

Have you ever made a Postage Stamp block?
I really want to make an old-fashioned quilt made
entirely of postage stamp blocks, using all of my favorite fabrics.

You don't even need a pattern to create these blocks from 1 1/2" squares.

Just use an accurate scant 1/4" seam, and the squares line up perfectly.

Ahem...almost all the time.

Just because we're best fabric friends,
and I know you love fabrics almost as much as I do,
I'll show you some more close-ups of my postage stamp block.

Just one more photo, to say goodbye for now.
Come back soon to see more of my Farm Girl Vintage blocks!

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  1. These blocks are so beautiful and bright and perfect! I so enjoy seeing them , made by you!

  2. That little pumpkin would have been the deal breaker for me - although all your blocks are adorable Amy! The fabrics you chose are perfect! I love orange, although when I used to garden, I avoided it. Now I would pair it with purple and red and blue flowers and plant up a whole bed of happy colors.


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